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Master Fic List
Sam and Dean sitting on bench, hunched forward
Figured I oughta start one of these to keep track of my stories :D

So Stay with Me and I'll Have it Made
Summary: AU. Stanford era. Dean’s missing something and he’s not doing so well without it. Hurt!Dean, permanent injury.

He's My Brother
: AU retelling of No Rest for the Wicked - for the promt: After hiding symptoms for months, either Sam or Dean is diagnosed with a terminal/life-threatening disease and must say goodbye to the other.

Jack Frost
Weechesters. Dean finds himself in a magical winter land where a snowman is looking for his eyes, Suzie Snowflake is trying to get back home and Sammy has been taken by the evil Jack Frost.

Something Good
John's off on a hunt, leaving Sam alone. Except, there's Dean and well, that's a whole different problem in itself.

One Eye is Taken for an Eye
Summary: AU tag of sorts for No Rest for the Wicked. For the prompt - Dean says time is different in hell, but what if it’s not? What if Dean really spent 40 years in hell before Cas put him back to 2007? Write what 40 years without Dean may have looked like for Sam.

U and I
Summary: Based on the prompt: Cas knocks down a girl on the street and attempts to use a cheesy pickup line he heard from Dean on her.

Say Hi to Ginger and Mary Ann
Summary: Based on the prompt: Dean and Castiel are stranded on an island without Cas' angel powers.

Summary: jaredimplecki requested a drabble about the night before Sam leaves for Stanford

A Pocket Full of Mumbles (such are promises)
Summary: Dean left his family when he was 18. 8 years later he is living the apple-pie life with a woman that he loves and their two children, until his estranged brother Sam comes to ask for his help in the search for their father. Dean disappears with his brother and isn't heard from again, until he suddenly returns 3 years later. Battered and broken on his family's doorstep…

Sam I Am and Footie Pajamas
Summary: Pre-series. John thought he had this fatherhood thing down until he lost Mary. He wonders if any of this will ever get any easier and how the hell does he think he can raise two boys all by himself?

I Borrowed Your Chapstick Without Asking
Summary: After a cave-in in a mine shaft, Dean and Sam are trapped. Dean is bleeding and with no way out, Dean has a few dying confessions he'd like to make. The title is from the lyrics of the song "Confessions Part II" by Usher :D

You Said Something 'Bout Don't Leave
Summary: Coda to the events in "Something Wicked". Wee!Dean comforts Wee!Sam after the shtriga tries to kill him.

Mele Kalikimaka
Summary: Sam is all alone and homesick his first Christmas at Stanford. This is for the LJ h/c bingo prompt "grief".

What's A Boy to Do?
Summary :
Pre-series, Dean is 15 and 16, Sam is 11 and 12. Dean is carrying far too heavy a load and Sam just wants to help.

Dean is only seven when he learns how to shoot a gun and how to make his dad proud. Pre-series.

We Can Still Be Friends
Summary: Sammy is nine years old now and decides he's too big to be seen hanging out with his big brother at school now. Just a little bit of fluff.

Do Not Resuscitate
Summary: Dean decides he's had enough of Michael nagging him to be his vessel.

My Earliest Works Which You Should Not Under Any Circumstances Actually Read List (and maybe I should put everything on this list omg!)

Elixir of Solomon
Summary: Upon Castiel's request, Balthazar shares with him an ancient love potion which will cause Cas to fall in love with the first person he lays eyes on... which just happens to be Meg. When Meg doesn't reciprocate his feelings Cas turns to the Winchesters for advice.

Close Your Eyes and It's Gone
Summary: "Dean was furious with Sam. What the hell was he thinking? One minute Dean was talking to him and then Dean blinks, he freakin' blinks, and Sam's gone. Dean knows he's  not crazy and he wonders where Sam picked up this fancy new trick."

No Asia?
Summary: With the trail to the Trickster growing colder every day, Sam doesn't have time for sleeping and sometimes coffee and Red Bull just won't cut it. Missing six months from "Mystery Spot".

Ice Breaker
Summary: A super-short drabble. Sam goes on a blind date.

Short People Got Nobody to Love
Summary: It's only natural to shrink as you get older... unless of course it's not natural. Dean can't remember the last time he was four feet tall.


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