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Missed days
To anyone keeping track, I know it appears that I am doing very poorly on my 365 day writing challenge thingy ;-) But I've been working on my summer gen story which for obvious reasons cannot be posted here and I really haven't had the energy to write anything else that would be postable!

So anyway, once this summer gen fic is done, it will be back to my regular scheduled posting :)

Day 5
Nothing to post here today as all I've been working on has been my contribution to the Summer Gen Fic Exchange

*tears out hair*

Yeah, it's been going well.

No Armistice (Day 4)
A/N: Rather pointless. Had a place I was going with this, will most likely never get there.

“You know the way things left off with us?”

A nod.

“I get it… why you had to get out. I do. But do you think we could pretend like that never happened?”

His eyes scrunch shut and his voice is very old, very tired, “I’m not coming back.”

“No, I know. That’s not- that’s… I just wanna forget that fight. Erase it. No apologies, no explanations, no hard feelings. Just a complete reset. You know?” Too much desperation, he thinks he should try to pull it back.

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Digging (Day 3)
A/N: Part of my as of yet unwritten Comfortably Numb 'verse (which is really  just the sequel to my nano wrimo project from last November)

He's sitting on the edge of the bed and there's a nearly full orange bottle of drugs rattling between his fingers.

"I don't even need to count them to see you haven't been taking them."

Dean won't meet his eyes, "Been part of lots'a interventions, Sammy," he tries for cheeky, "but never because I haven't been takin' drugs."

"How do you expect to get better if you won't do what the doctor tells you?" He tries to hold it together, he can't be the one to fall apart this time. "You tell me you wanna get better- that's what you said Dean, that's what you told me! You asked for help!"

He's weary of this tired conversation. The one that never ends, the one that merely drops off only to be picked up again when it gets too big to ignore.

Dean's pulled a blanket off the bed and has it wrapped around his shoulders. He picks at the fuzz, intently as if it's a task deserving of his undivided attention.

"I say lots of things," he says finally. "You know I'll say anything to get you to shut up. You never shut up."

Sam sucks in a breath. He's tired of trying to figure out Dean's lies. Tired of trying to find hidden meanings and possible motivations.

"You know what? Fuck you."

Dean blows out a laugh, "fuck you too."

Sam wonders what would happen if he just leaves. If he just leaves and lets Dean kill himself in the mess he doesn't care enough to dig himself out of.

Sam's tired of trying to push the shovel in Dean's hands. He's tired of not being able to do the digging himself.

Stasis (day 2)

You know life changes and nothing stays the same. You know things never turn out how you plan.

But you take sameness for granted nevertheless.

You think the people you love will always be there, will always love you back. If you even consider the possibility of something coming between you, it’s only death.

(sometimes at night, when you couldn’t hear her breathing, you would put your face to her mouth until you could)

But this isn’t death and you didn’t see this coming. You look back and you try to find the warning signs, you try to see the markers you missed, the things you could’ve, should’ve done differently but they’re not there.

Just one day she was on the top bunk, you were on the bottom, staying up all night sharing dreams.

Then the next day she’s gone.

There was no warning, there were no screaming matches no fists, no tears.

You can’t talk about something that never happened, can you?

She laughs and it almost fools you.

She smiles and you almost believe her.

But you hear the things she won’t say to your face. You wonder why she’s saying them to your back. You see the glances exchanged when you aren’t meant to be looking, or maybe you are.

You never knew she felt that way.

You wonder if she always has.

She was all you ever had and it makes you wonder if that’s all you were to her as well. If while you thought it was the two of you against the world, she was only making do with the best she had.

If when what she wanted came along, you were not enough.

Uncle Crackhead to You (part 1) Day 1
A/N: Okay, okay, confession- I didn't write this today. It's part of the Nano project I did in November and I've been reading through it and doing some extensive editing. I feel like it counts towards my 365 day writing challenge :P

So yeah, major AU which I won't give anything away about since I plan to post it sometime and don't want to spoil it before I'm done but all you need to know about this piece (that isn't explained by this piece) is Sam and Dean are separated.


"Okay, okay, outta my way. Just let me through." Dean hears the gruff voice outside his hospital door. Even if he had been asleep, he wouldn’t be anymore.

“‘Course I gotta right to be here. Do you? Who are you anyway? I’m the kid’s uncle, that’s who I am. He called me.”

"Okay, okay. I’ll be quiet as a fuckin’ church mouse, that make you happy?"

Dean hears the nurse say that, yes, it does. And that she would appreciate it if he would start now.

A baseball cap and a beaten leather jacket appear in the doorway and he thinks he recognizes the person wearing them but his vision swims and the man won’t stand still.

"Awake?" The man asks around a mouthful of donut. Takes a sip of coffee and makes himself at home in the chair next to Dean’s bed.

"Guess so," Dean says. Still a little woozy from sleep and drugs.

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365 Days of Writing
I'm doing a thing guys- for the next 365 days, I'm challenging myself to write each day, and every day I have to post what I've written to my blog (in an effort to hold myself accountable). I'm not setting a minimum word limit, maybe I'll set a minimum time limit. We'll see.

It's not about quality writing, it's just about volume of writing. I get so hung up on my perfectionism that I can't write.

So yeah, that's what I'm doing. You guys can feel free to read what I post or not, just be warned it might not be the greatest and it might not always be fandom or even make sense (since it may be part of a larger thing that I am working on).

If you see that I miss a day, feel free to pop on over and slap me upside the head :P

Dear Summer-gen Writer:
Thank you so much for taking one of my prompts and writing it for me :))

I don't wish to be too specific with what I want but if it helps, here are some things that I would absolutely love!

I love hurt!Dean like I love to breathe- I love hurt!Sam too in small degrees but I enjoy the role reversal that we don't usually get in the show where Dean is hurt and Sam is the caretaker/protector/savior.

I like secrets. I don't care if it's me the reader who is surprised or the character who is surprised but I just love secrets and their reveal. I love seeing the characters reactions to these secrets.

Angst is like water to me (my body is made up of 70% of it ;-)).

AU's are perhaps my favorite thing ever. Not like crazy big AU's where they're medieval knights or anything like that, but I like exploring the characters in situations that have not/could not happen in the show. This goes back to where I said I like surprises- I love unpredictability.

Things I do not like are Cas. As a side character he's fine but if you're working on a hurt/comfort, I don't like the easy fixes that Cas can provide. And also, I like the focus on Sam and Dean's brothermance.

I'll be honest, I cannot remember the specifics of some of my prompts so I'm not sure if they all exclude the possibility of animal/monster/object transformation fics, genderswap, or mpreg.

Those are my only three squicks. I make an exception for mpreg, though, under certain conditions and those are that the pregnancy is a result of a curse and that it is not a normal occurrence in the universe in which Sam and Dean are set.

I don't mind dark!fics as long as it's not evil!Dean or evil!Sam (if it is, it must be a temporary condition with redemption at the end). Also, no non-con told from the pov of the rapist.

As for hurt/comfort the whole thing can be "hurt" for all I care just so long as there's resolution and "comfort" at the end.

I think I should end this here before I start smashing your muse. Of course, these are only suggestions and preferences. If inspiration leads you elsewhere or to write something against one of these suggestions, that is awesome too :)

I Cannot Put My Finger on It Now
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Rating: PG13
Genre: Gen. Pre-series
Warnings: Language, brief usage of homophobic language, brief semi-graphic imagery.
Word Count: 1.2k
Summary: "
Anyone can claim to know the future. You just gotta make shit up.” Richie scoffs, “But what can you tell us about our past? Tell me something about me that you shouldn’t know.”

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Promoting a New Community
Does anyone know of a good way to promote a new fan fiction community I created?

It's for the television show From Dusk Till Dawn and it's the first fan fiction community on LiveJournal for that fandom.

So the fandom is small (the show is still in its' first season) but I'd still like a way to get the word out a little bit. I've posted about it on Tumblr and that's helped but I was wondering if there was anywhere on LiveJournal to promote it- or, really, any other promotional ideas would be awesome as well!

If anyone on my flist wants to check it out, it's called geckobros :))

(BTW, if you haven't watched the show, you really really should!)


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